Kukishinden Ryu: Musasabi

Kukishinden Ryu (nine Demon Gods School)

Kyukoshin is thought to have evolved from the art developed by Yasushimaru in the 14th century then name derives from the family name given to Yasushimaru and his companions after fighting for the emporer Go-daigo.

Segan no Kamae

This position requires you to stand sideways to your opponent , with your leading hand pointing to the eyes of your opponent, your remaining hand covers either your heart or by your hip.

Certain superficial similarities (leading arm forward and the rear arm held back close to the body) can be seen with the posture adopted by bare knuckles fighters prior to the implementation of the marquess of queensberry rules (and the wearing of gloves).


Musasabi can be broken into several steps, in this particular lesson Musasabi was split into three separate drills.

Steps 1.
1. To begin with both Uke and Tori stand in Seigan no Kamae.
2. Uke attacks with Fudo Ken, striking to the face.
3. Tori blocks the strike by hitting Uke’s striking arm on the inside of the elbow using the back of the hand.
4. Uki responds by taking Tori’s blocking arm and sweeping round to perform Koshi Nagi (hip throw).

Points to reflect on.
It is often tempting to perform the hip throw by trying to pull Tori over using the strength in your arms, however this is not possible if your opponent is far heavier than you (especially when they are wearing armour), so rather than strenuously exerting yourself (and possibly putting your back out), Uki should put his hip into Tori and try and execute the throw using your legs and hips to lift and throw Tori.

Steps 2.
5. Tori prevents the throw by hitting under Uke’s armpit.
6. Followed by a Boshi Ken to the Koe (weak area between hip and groin).
7. Tori then locks Uki’s right arm using Ura Gyaku Kote Dori.

Points to reflect on.
Tori really needs to drop their weight to prevent them from being thrown, as well as striking up into the arm, the strike prevents Uki from using his arm from maneuvering Tori into the correct position.

Steps 3.
8. Tori strikes Uke’s Suzu (genitals).
9. Then reverses his position to throw using Harai Goshi.

Points to reflect on.
Tori must be on the correct side of Uki in order to throw him, if Tori stands with Uki’s arm on the right should, Uki can counter using Boshi Ken.
Additionally to throw Tori needs to ensure Uke is far enough behind him so that Uke cannot simply step round and prevent being thrown.